My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Blouin - “I don't think you dismiss out of hand an independent, nonpartisan report from an entity that's looked and used the same factors to grade all 50 states as something that's totally erroneous.”
 Mike Blouin - “Much of the talk has been about enhancing high school kinds of offerings. That's way too late.”
 Mike Blouin - “If we want to honestly pursue a system in which we leave no child behind, we have to reform the entire system, because we're leaving a lot of kids behind today.”
 Mike Blouin - “It's going to take five or six years, at a minimum, to fund it properly, and it's going to take another 10 years to see outcomes.”
 Mike Blouin - “The statement we're trying to make tonight transfers the difference we have in this primary.”
 Mike Blouin - “Chet, there you go again. I can tilt at windmills or try to make a difference. I choose to try to make a difference.”
 Mike Blouin - “I believe this is an area where we can be bold, work collectively, and make a dramatic difference in the quality of life of all Iowans.”
 Mike Blouin - “People here take primaries seriously. These are the folks who make the party work.”
 Mike Blouin - “This is Iowa we have three groups of people Independents, Republicans and Democrats. Nobody's in the majority. We have three million people here and need each other.”
 Mike Blouin - “Every student should have the educational opportunities available to them so that they can enthusiastically pursue any career opportunity they might be interested in. And then we need to create those career opportunities in Iowa so that they have the opportunity to live out their educational interests between our rivers.”
 Mike Blouin - “It was a mistake to move into these. It's a mistake to move out of them until we know what the financial consequences are for the state of Iowa. We have some exposure here and folks are kind of ignoring that issue. Do we get out of them You bet. But we get out of it with knowledge as to what our responsibilities and liabilities are.”
 Mike Blouin - “But when you're talking about replacing, expanding, renovating an existing facility, I think that has to stay in the community it came from.”
 Mike Blouin - “Children who are not covered still get sick, they still seek treatment. And the cost is dramatically higher if we ignore the problem.”
 Mike Blouin - “She has the right experience and the right values to help me move the complex and broken system of health care.”
 Mike Blouin - “If we want Iowa to thrive not just survive in coming years but really thrive, we should establish Iowa as a health care leader and take the bold and responsible steps to protect our children.”
 Mike Blouin - “It starts here in this building where the past collides with the future in our present struggle for where this state needs to go. It starts here and I'd like to be part of that clash as we define our future in the months and years ahead.”
 Mike Blouin - “We live in a competitive world with states and countries that will beat our brains in if we don't have the ability to compete.”