My Favorite Quotes
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 Roy Blount Jr. - “.The last time somebody said, 'I find I can write much better with a word processor.', I replied, 'They used to say the same thing about drugs.'”
 Roy Blount Jr. - “It's my belief that sanity lies in realizing that reality is not exactly what we had in mind.”
 Roy Blount Jr. - “Studying literature at Harvard is like learning about women at the Mayo clinic.”
 Roy Blount Jr. - “I am open to the accusation that I see compost as an end it itself. But we do grow some real red damn tomatoes such as you can't get in the stores. And potatoes, beans, lettuce, collards, onions, squash, cauliflower, eggplant, carrots, peppers. Dirt in you own backyard, producing things you eat. Makes you wonder.”
 Roy Blount Jr. - “If you were a member of Jesse James's band and people asked you what you were, you wouldn't say 'Well, I'm a desperado.' You'd say something like, 'I work in banks,' or 'I've done some railroad work.' It took me a long time just to say 'I'm a writer.' It's really embarrassing.”
 Roy Blount Jr. - “I do not know what the cat can have eaten. Usually I know exactly what the cat has eaten. Not only have I fed it to the cat, at the cat's insistence, but the cat has thrown it up on the rug, and someone has tracked it all over on to the other rug. I do not know why cats are such habitual vomiters. They do not seem to enjoy it, judging by the sounds they make while doing it. It's their nature. A dog is going to bark. A cat is going to vomit.”