My Favorite Quotes
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 Jen Bluestein - “Freddy is going to speak from the heart to all New Yorkers, and he is especially looking forward to debating Mike Bloomberg himself instead of Bloomberg's 50 million smear machine,”
 Jen Bluestein - “Citizens Against Government Waste would probably say that it would be a waste to waste our taxpayer money on a deputy for waste,”
 Jen Bluestein - “Well, he's doubled his own obscenity level, ... As they say in Boston, 63 million is wicked obscene. Here in New York City, we've got a different word to describe it.”
 Jen Bluestein - “The crowd was so big that it made it hard for folks to hear, and we're sorry about that.”
 Jen Bluestein - “grateful for the support of New Yorkers who made him their definitive choice to return Democratic values to City Hall.”
 Jen Bluestein - “We're not relying on celebrity endorsements. We're fighting for everyday New Yorkers, and those are the people whose support matters the most to Freddy.”
 Jen Bluestein - “They'll be clever, provocative, compelling and certainly different than the rosy pabulum that the Bloomberg campaign has spent so much on,”
 Jen Bluestein - “It's appropriate it happened at a diner, since the Bloomberg campaign has some egg on its face. It's no surprise that a mayor who refuses to debate and pays his campaign volunteers more than starting salaries for cops would also feel the need to stack his events with volunteers instead of voters.”
 Jen Bluestein - “Today Mike Bloomberg launched a slanderous attack on a man who has been dead for more than a year. Reverend Greene is unable to defend himself.”
 Jen Bluestein - “Whoever authorized this despicable attack ought to apologize immediately.”