My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Boal - “I want to offer the newest and the cutting edge, ... and I want to keep a warm relationship with tradition.”
 Peter Boal - “a lifetime in dance.”
 Peter Boal - “This man lived to the fullest, through dance and through choreography, it's almost as if he lived to such an extent that his life span couldn't be as long as everyone else's. He would ask us to run through 'Red Angels' three times in an hour ... he was just enjoying the effect of his creation.”
 Peter Boal - “They were impressed because during the interview process he wanted to spend a lot of time with them. He made us feel good about the company and our work. But he wants to challenge them, too -- everyone in fact.”
 Peter Boal - “The big thing about the season is the festival. I'm excited because it's going to include many parts of the community, for example Donald Byrd's Spectrum Dance, and Oregon Ballet Theater.”