My Favorite Quotes
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 David Boaz - “Bush is a big government president,”
 David Boaz - “Businesses and nonprofits deal with 15 revenue losses all the time.”
 David Boaz - “There's a real question whether we want to get all those people back into New Orleans. It's more logical that the money should follow the people.”
 David Boaz - “Half the stories in every newspaper should be headlined 'Stop me before I legislate again”
 David Boaz - “The initial reaction was to throw heaps and heaps of money at the problem. While you've had increases in welfare spending over the last 40 years, you've also had increases in the number of unwed mothers, increases in crime.”
 David Boaz - “George Mason is classified as a school where there are some libertarian professors, and that makes it somewhat unusual. There are a lot of colleges not welcoming to libertarians and conservatives.”
 David Boaz - “I don't believe in taxing the good people of Kansas, New Hampshire, and California 30 billion on the grounds that otherwise you'll tax them more later. If we actually had saved all the money that advocates of government spending had promised their programs would save, the federal budget would be negative by now.”
 David Boaz - “Why are taxpayers in California and Texas and Massachusetts paying for a museum in Indianapolis”
 David Boaz - “The main argument we would make is that marriage law has always been left to the states.”