My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Etheridge - “The companies convicted won't keep their ill-gotten gains, ... never has enough money as it is.”
 Bob Etheridge - “Crop insurance is a key component of the farm safety net and it is crucial that this Subcommittee continues to stay abreast as to the health of the crop insurance industry.”
 Bob Etheridge - “Our ports are not only critical entryways into our nation that must be protected but they are critical entryways to our economy.”
 Bob Etheridge - “Rural Americans need to read the fine print in President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security,”
 Bob Etheridge - “Public office is supposed to be a public trust. This is a clear sign of the rampant corruption at the highest levels of the Republican leadership.”
 Bob Etheridge - “The federal government has a responsibility to protect all Americans from potential terrorist attack.”
 Bob Etheridge - “I am delighted that the USDA has backed off its irresponsible plan to close or relocate FSA offices that our farmers depend on without first undertaking a serious analysis of the effects of that plan,”
 Bob Etheridge - “As a part-time farmer, I have walked into a Farm Services Agency office and know how important it is to have easy access to these offices, ... North Carolina agriculture relies on FSA services more than most other states because of the highly diversified nature of our farm products.”