My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Gaudio - “I'm a frustrated drummer. That's why our songs tended to be drum-heavy. But our harmonies were complex, too. You'll never hear 'Rag Doll' in a Holiday Inn lounge because it's just too hard to sing.”
 Bob Gaudio - “We came along at an interesting time, ... Short Shorts.”
 Bob Gaudio - “It was hearing that song in The Deer Hunter, ... that first got me to thinking our music would work in a show. We had TV movie offers, but we turned them down because that seems like it's just a quick burn. 'Jersey Boys' serves the songs better.”
 Bob Gaudio - “Even people who loved our music really didn't know anything about us. We were never glamorous. We were never a phenomenon.”
 Bob Gaudio - “But we weren't a phenomenon like the Beatles or Elvis Presley or the Rolling Stones We were only as good as our last hit. We lived on our music and couldn't slide on anything -- and this show is that story.”
 Bob Gaudio - “What I wrote, (joined) with Frankie's voice, exuded passion,”
 Bob Gaudio - “We get hit with the 'jukebox musical' label, but (book authors Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice) and (director) Des McAnuff accomplished a 50-50 split between music and drama, ... The music is very important, but the history of the group makes it a great piece of theater.”
 Bob Gaudio - “We weren't kids, and not too many odds were in our favor, ... We didn't look the part of a rock group by any stretch. We played the Copa, and Walter Winchell said it was a good show but (that) we looked like two bookies, a jockey and a basketball player”