My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Weinstein - “We are extremely gratified that the initial launch of our first feature film through Genius has been a success.”
 Bob Weinstein - “If you don't know something, admit it. But, try to impress them with what you do know.”
 Bob Weinstein - “I'd update my resume so you're ready for any outcome.”
 Bob Weinstein - “Don't let your fear paralyze you. Prepare yourself not only technically, but also emotionally.”
 Bob Weinstein - “Everybody felt it was best that we see the movies through before the transition was over.”
 Bob Weinstein - “We have a formula that works. There are plenty of scary movies to make fun of every year, and pop culture references keep it fresh.”
 Bob Weinstein - “We couldn't have asked for a more impressive opening for 'Scary Movie 4' and are so proud to have accomplished this only six months after our company launched. This exceptional opening proves that this franchise has tremendous staying power.”
 Bob Weinstein - “These releases were delayed until we settled our outstanding business with Disney.”
 Bob Weinstein - “Since it's her habit to trail along, the next time she asks tell her you're calling on a sensitive client who requires TLC and personal attention.”
 Bob Weinstein - “The characters are great, and this is the first adventure of the brothers Grimm, so there's plenty of potential to make a franchise. We've been quite successful in the past, so anything like that, if it does pay off with hopefully the good movie that I think it will be, it pays off also down the road.”