My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Bobo - “Now he's playing within himself. His footwork has been excellent. It's all mechanics when it comes to throwing. If your feet are up under you and you are throwing on time, you are usually going to be pretty accurate.”
 Mike Bobo - “He's got an arm to where he can make all the right throws.”
 Mike Bobo - “Joe T. is a smart guy and he's going to prepare and he's going to be ready to play, ... We've just got to get him to relax and not feel like he's got to make things happen for us to win. It's a big game. When you walk up in the stadium, you can tell it's a special environment.”
 Mike Bobo - “We've just got to get him to check it down a little more to the underneath guys. He would like to throw that thing deep every time.”
 Mike Bobo - “You're at a major college like the University of Georgia and people want to know who's playing quarterback. That comes with the job, the pressure, and you've got to have a guy who can handle that.”
 Mike Bobo - “I thought (Stafford) looked good, threw the ball well. He missed a couple, rushed it with his feet, but for his first time going out there in the stadium, I thought he was calm and didn't show any signs of being nervous. He was ready to play.”
 Mike Bobo - “He doesn't have to try and do anything special. He's going to make special plays because of his ability, but that has just got to happen naturally.”