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 Bruce Bochy - “Jake's a gamer. He's a big-game pitcher with an outstanding future.”
 Bruce Bochy - “I wouldn't even want to think about where we'd be without him. And I don't want to ever think about what it'd be like in the future without him.”
 Bruce Bochy - “When you do it three out of four games, you really believe it,”
 Bruce Bochy - “Castilla is a guy who can help us on both sides of the ball. He'll give us some power and production, and he's an outstanding defensive player.”
 Bruce Bochy - “That'll give (Giles) two days to freshen up.”
 Bruce Bochy - “We may give them all extra rest.”
 Bruce Bochy - “It does give Kevin (Towers) a lot more flexibility. These aren't long-term deals, but they're good players. When you sign veteran players, (it means) you don't have someone in your system who's able to fill that void. Some of the catchers we think a lot of aren't quite ready.”
 Bruce Bochy - “Barry has been good for the game. However you create interest in our game and bring fans to the ballpark, that's a good thing.”
 Bruce Bochy - “That puts a little pressure on you, knowing you probably need a good spring to stay here. He handled it very well. He didn't back off. He was aggressive from the get-go and stayed that way. It was something similar to Khalil Greene.”
 Bruce Bochy - “He's as good as anybody. We aren't the first team he has shut out this year.”
 Bruce Bochy - “He came out of it and I think after that (pitch), he hung in there and took some good swings.”
 Bruce Bochy - “He has a plus arm. This is a big jump -- he was in A ball last year. But it should be good for him.”
 Bruce Bochy - “He was a real shot in the arm when we brought him up. He's done some damage with the bat, with extra-base hits, and he's played nice outfield. He's a good athlete. He's a guy who plays both sides of the ball well. The job that he did when we brought him up, I think, was the reason why we did want him on this roster. It gives us more flexibility against left-handed pitching.”
 Bruce Bochy - “It looks like his stamina's there and his finger feels good. He threw some good sliders tonight. He used all his pitches and that's an indication that his hand feels fine.”
 Bruce Bochy - “Jake was feeling the effects of everything going on in his teeth and his hand. To me, that is major surgery. I made up my mind after talking to him. I was inclined to get him when I went out there. I decided he had enough.”
 Bruce Bochy - “Jake was feeling the effects of everything that was going on between his teeth and hand, but he battled out there. He did a nice job.”
 Bruce Bochy - “That's like saying, 'I'm going to test this rattlesnake and put my hand in front of it,' ... I'm not going to do that.”
 Bruce Bochy - “He looks the same. I don't see any difference in his bat speed. He got a hanging breaking ball and took advantage of it.”
 Bruce Bochy - “I hate to think that Trevor Hoffman would not be in a San Diego uniform, ... When you think of Trevor, you think of San Diego.”
 Bruce Bochy - “I'm just glad that we found this before anything serious could have happened. This is a scary thing to think about. Sometimes with the heart, there's no sign that something is going on.”
 Bruce Bochy - “To be honest with you, I sure hope so. They have a heck of a team over there.”
 Bruce Bochy - “He's played very well, and to be honest, he's flat-out earned this. He took it upon himself to win this job, and that's what he's done.”
 Bruce Bochy - “It definitely hurt because we've got a couple of guys down now so we're not at full strength,”
 Bruce Bochy - “Sweeney has thrown well all spring. He throws strikes, he changes speeds, and he has an idea how to pitch. He most definitely is in the mix for one of the bullpen jobs.”
 Bruce Bochy - “He's got a good idea of what he's doing. He's taking good swings.”

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