My Favorite Quotes
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 Brian Bode - “We've got a good, strong variety of people on the board. I'm really looking forward to involving a lot of people.”
 Mark Bode - “Megahertz has been distorted as a proxy for performance and has been devalued in terms of a measure of performance.”
 Mark Bode - “This gives people confidence in the results. There's no hand waving in the background. It is what it is.”
 Brian Bode - “We're going to look at the last strategic plan and come up with a method for a good strategic plan by the end of the year, with community involvement.”
 Brian Bode - “We're going to work on how to go about building that team and that committee. We hope to come up with a plan to involve the community. The seven of us don't see everything out there we should be looking at.”