My Favorite Quotes
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 Bodhidharma - “Your mind is nirvana.”
 Bodhidharma - “You can't know your real mind as long as you deceive yourself.”
 Bodhidharma - “Words are illusions.”
 Bodhidharma - “Whoever knows that the mind is a fiction and devoid of anything real knows that his own mind neither exists nor doesn't exist.”
 Bodhidharma - “The Way is basically perfect. It doesn't require perfecting.”
 Bodhidharma - “The mind is the Buddha, and the Buddha is the mind.”
 Bodhidharma - “The mind is always present. You just don't see it.”
 Bodhidharma - “The essence of the Way is detachment.”
 Bodhidharma - “Regardless of what we do, our karma has no hold on us.”
 Bodhidharma - “Only one person in a million becomes enlightened without a teacher's help.”
 Bodhidharma - “Not suffering another existence is reaching the Way.”
 Bodhidharma - “Not creating delusions is enlightenment.”
 Bodhidharma - “Neither gods nor men can foresee when an evil deed will bear its fruit.”
 Bodhidharma - “Mortals liberate Buddhas and Buddhas liberate mortals.”
 Bodhidharma - “If your mind is pure, all buddha-lands are pure.”
 Bodhidharma - “If you use your mind to look for a Buddha, you won't see the Buddha.”
 Bodhidharma - “If we should be blessed by some great reward, such as fame or fortune, it's the fruit of a seed planted by us in the past.”
 Bodhidharma - “Freeing oneself from words is liberation.”
 Bodhidharma - “As mortals, we're ruled by conditions, not by ourselves.”
 Bodhidharma - “As long as you're enthralled by a lifeless form, you're not free.”
 Bodhidharma - “As long as you look for a Buddha somewhere else, you'll never see that your own mind is the Buddha.”
 Bodhidharma - “And the Buddha is the person who's free free of plans, free of cares.”
 Bodhidharma - “All phenomena are empty.”
 Bodhidharma - “A Buddha is someone who finds freedom in good fortune and bad.”
 Bodhidharma - “The Dharma is the truth that all natures are pure.”

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