My Favorite Quotes
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 Tracy Bodi - “Nate White did a good job of getting out of some tough situations early. We also had some good defensive plays the infield and our outfield played well today.”
 Tracy Bodi - “Four errors looks like we didn't play good defense but we did. We executed defensively in key situations. The key to the game was the stretch with key defensive plays. The kids kept their heads. That's a sign of maturity.”
 Tracy Bodi - “We have to take care of business. It's a lot tougher now. We need Perkins to lose but as was shown (Monday) -- anything can happen.”
 Tracy Bodi - “We have them at our place. We'll have to take care of business in the meantime. We'll bounce back. These kids are winners.”
 Tracy Bodi - “We've got a veteran team and we're playing some good, solid baseball right now. There's always room for improvement so we'll just keep after it.”
 Tracy Bodi - “Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing in athletics -- hands down -- and you don't become the hitter he is without hard work in season and off. It's paying off and it makes me proud and happy for him.”