My Favorite Quotes
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 Melanie Boeglin - “It's a nice award and nice to get the individual recognition, but right now we're focused on trying to get a couple of wins this weekend.”
 Melanie Boeglin - “They have 8,000 fans screaming the entire game. We were confident, but we watched them three other times in the tournament come back from behind. So we knew they were going to make a run on us especially when the fans are screaming and you can't even hear yourself think out there.”
 Melanie Boeglin - “They had 8,000 screaming fans. That's a pretty big momentum factor, there's not much you can do to contradict that.”
 Melanie Boeglin - “That was the definition of a heartbreaker. We're using that as motivation this year and hopefully we can have a better outcome. We don't want to leave anything up to the (NCAA Tournament) selection committee.”