My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Bofferding - “There was a sense of arrogance under the previous CEOs. There was a feeling that the people in Chicago thought they were the center of the universe.”
 Charles Bofferding - “Everybody remembers 2000. They don't remember 2002. We didn't once across the table say strike. We negotiated a contract that was arguably the best contract negotiated with Boeing management that year. Nobody noticed.”
 Charles Bofferding - “That's a good possibility with this contract. We really look at negotiations as an ongoing process. The need to increase the size of the pools will not go away and we'll be working with Boeing management to show them that it's needed.”
 Charles Bofferding - “As engineers, it's our duty and responsibility to protect and improve the system. The union provides a solid base to draw from to build a better future for engineers and the company.”
 Charles Bofferding - “As engineers, we have a different perspective. If a company really wants to get its product to be the best in all areas, then it must listen to all sides. A union is the best vehicle to carry the engineers' perspective.”
 Charles Bofferding - “They spit in the face of every technical employee at the Boeing Co. and we are going to stand up to that challenge. We will stun the company with our strike and we will stop the company with our strike.”
 Charles Bofferding - “We have the most leverage of any work group at the Boeing Company on the bottom line. We design the process. We design the product. We determine the materials.”
 Charles Bofferding - “In the beginning, we were concerned because we were all losing our jobs, but in an environment of stable employment the urgency dissipates. But it's still an important issue. What's at play is the long-term tech expertise of our company and our professions.”
 Charles Bofferding - “We not only want to catch up to the market, we want to lead the market. We think that's appropriate and a true reflection of our contributions to the company.”
 Charles Bofferding - “It is disappointing that there is so much posturing taking place. It would be wrong for management to attack all employees because it is having a problem with one employee group. Even during strikes, the plants have stayed open.”
 Charles Bofferding - “The fundamental issue has always been employment security. Outsourcing is seen as an attack on employment security. Fundamentally, the issue of employment security has not gone away. But because of the global economy, it's hard to say you're anti-outsourcing.”