My Favorite Quotes
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 Sergei Bogdanchikov - “We will be ready to inform you about our interest in acquiring 2-3 additional assets in Kazakhstan by the second half of this year.”
 Sergei Bogdanchikov - “This is the goal we seek to achieve within the next 10 years.”
 Sergei Bogdanchikov - “The company's projected annual growth rate is about 7 and it demands the increase of the raw material base.”
 Sergei Bogdanchikov - “I think the company management would find it interesting to work with such shareholders.”
 Sergei Bogdanchikov - “Despite the fact that to date our company ranks first in the world for oil reserves (according to the generally accepted international methods of assessment), a pace of development of no less than 7 a year is planned for our company. This calls for constant increases in our raw material base.”
 Sergei Bogdanchikov - “We have a clear plan for the road show and meetings with investors. We have already had meetings with 70 percent of the main funds.”
 Sergei Bogdanchikov - “Management presented to the board of directors a choice of six or seven exchanges.”
 Sergei Bogdanchikov - “We have already started to discuss this issue with Chinese oil companies. We would like to have a firm in the People's Republic of China that would allow us to operate on the retail market. We would be more eager to make much larger shipments to China if we had an opportunity to sell oil products in that country.”
 Sergei Bogdanchikov - “We have a schedule of IPO preparations. One of its key elements is meeting investors. I have already held dozens of one-on-one meetings and more large ones. So, we are working with investors and preparing to consolidate our subsidiaries. We are on schedule, and I assume we will proceed with the IPO according to the plan.”
 Sergei Bogdanchikov - “We signed an agreement to set up two joint ventures on a parity basis. One of them will be involved in oil refining and retail sales of oil products in China, and the other will produce oil in Russia.”