My Favorite Quotes
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 Ian Bogost - “The medium has matured to the point where enough people understand and use electronic video games that we can now put them to other uses than just entertainment.”
 Ian Bogost - “Advertisers, governments and organizations mount huge campaigns to show us what they want us to see, and we want to expose what they're hiding. There's lots of precedent for this sort of speech in print, in film (and) on the Web, but we think videogames are particularly good at exposing the underlying logics of these organizations--how they work and what's wrong with it.”
 Ian Bogost - “This isn't a game that changes your opinion, but tells you why people have the opinion they do.”
 Ian Bogost - “When I get data back from a polling experiment, I look at it as a legitimate experiment in public policy, ... The idea is to make games that have an agenda. I'm trying to advance people, not as an entertainment form but as a social commentary.”
 Ian Bogost - “For a long time, we've talked in the game industry about gender diversity as the one problem on the radar, but the racial split is worse.”
 Ian Bogost - “I've always had a complicated relationship with advertising. It's everywhere, and it's becoming more and more parasitic. Yet, because it's everywhere it has the power to influence people positively as well as negatively.”
 Ian Bogost - “Let's take on the most complicated, difficult problem that we could possibly take on in contemporary American political discourse. We'll make an abortion game.”