My Favorite Quotes
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 Craig Bohl - “It's not so much because of dire straights. These guys are good players and we had a positional need. We anticipated some of these guys helping us right away.”
 Craig Bohl - “With recognition comes responsibility. But we think it's a good place to be.”
 Craig Bohl - “I have a hard time believing that there are a lot of people out there who are more talented than Casey. He would be a hard guy not to hire.”
 Craig Bohl - “Our guys across the board are leaner, stronger and bigger. Our 40 times are lower. I'm convinced from top to bottom that we're a more athletic Division I-type of team.”
 Craig Bohl - “I know Casey talked to the Buccaneers, but from what I understand there has been no formal announcement. Throughout the interview, I'm sure Casey did pretty well.”
 Craig Bohl - “We set a goal of being in the top 10. A lot of people thought that might be a lofty goal, but we're convinced we can develop into a good football team.”
 Craig Bohl - “Every once in awhile a guy will be two minutes late. It's something I can say after 20-plus years of coaching that we have a unique situation here. A big reason for our optimism is the work ethic.”
 Craig Bohl - “We're just a little bit away. Football is a game of maturity and strength and I think we need more time.”
 Craig Bohl - “They're a program that has an excellent reputation. They've been a national power for many years. It will be some great competition.”
 Craig Bohl - “There's nothing like a home opener. I don't care who we play. Whether you're playing the No. 1 team or a team you know nothing about guys just get excited to go out and play somebody else.”
 Craig Bohl - “We're really excited for Casey. He has really been a loyal assistant, a capable man. There's a time and place for everything and coach Bradley thought it was time for him to move on for some other opportunities.”
 Craig Bohl - “We certainly are excited about entrusting our defense to two capable men. This last year we've really shown great strides in our defense so we felt it was really important we stay within the same system.”
 Craig Bohl - “It's a great credit to our program. I think that's a little bit the lay of the land in Division I athletics. Assistant coaches are very mobile and the guys have had great opportunities.”