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 Mike Bohn - “We recognize the importance of continuing to ensure the program's integrity is intact, so this was the proper move. This will be an invaluable lesson for them for the future and an example to our other student-athletes, as well as staff.”
 Mike Bohn - “I don't think there's any question we are talking about a bright future here.”
 Mike Bohn - “All I'll say is that we're going to talk about the future.”
 Jason Bohn - “I could give away as many tickets as the tournament wants to give me, ... There are a lot of people from back home who are really looking forward to coming down. It should be a fun week.”
 Jason Bohn - “That's kind of this golf course. You hit good shots, you get rewarded. You hit bad ones and you get penalized.”
 Jason Bohn - “The check is in my mailbox right now, Alabama is up 24-3 on Florida and I just shot 65, ... It's a good day to be Jason Bohn.”
 John Bohn - “All were asking the board to do tonight is to set a date for a public hearing.”
 Mike Bohn - “Clearly, the history of the game and the competitiveness of the game is a great thing. And to put it in this venue is an added plus.”
 Mike Bohn - “It's important to respect and honor our contractual obligations.”
 John Bohn - “I know we can't gather every piece of information on the parcel by the next meeting, but at least we'll have a full board and maybe a few more answers.”
 Robert Bohn - “The impact of lean initiative has been our operating margins have improved ... and defects have gone down.”
 H. Bohn - “Few there are that will endure a true friend.”
 H. Bohn - “He that ceaseth to be a friend never was a good one.”
 H. Bohn - “Every dog is a lion at home.”
 Mike Bohn - “I don't know about that. It's inappropriate for me to comment at this time.”
 Robert Bohn - “Sometimes, we get a slug of vehicles back in one month, which is more than we can do in one month. And then the next time, we're working short on Friday because the vehicles haven't come in.”
 Jason Bohn - “Today was a big stepping stone for me, playing in the final group, first time ever on the PGA Tour, ... Even though I didn't come out on top, I still sucked it up and I played with a lot of heart.”
 Jason Bohn - “Today I played great,”
 Jason Bohn - “Making that last putt gave me an extra hour of sleep tomorrow.”
 Jason Bohn - “I hope I can do it tomorrow, because I think I'll be right there if I can,”
 Jason Bohn - “I just believe that, after winning, it's enabled me to free up. I'm able to trust my swing more. You just never know when you're going to win. I was playing really poorly up to that point. I just jumped over the hurdle.”
 Mike Bohn - “The University of Colorado is a gold mine ... and we're going to work our tail off to bring a great coach to this program to match the academic standing of this institution. That will be my sole focus.”
 Mike Bohn - “We want to create a new sense of homecoming being a big deal at the University of Colorado,”
 Jason Bohn - “Typically, my wife and I get the check, and we try to go out to a nice dinner, ... We throw in the video from 1992 and just laugh our heads off. We're pretty blessed, actually. It's a great day for me and it's a good day to be Jason Bohn right now.”
 Jason Bohn - “We had our first child on June 18, and I kind of thought about that a little, ... It really became hard to focus on golf. My wife wasn't able to travel the last month and a half, and I was thinking about her at home. I don't think I was focused as I should have been.”

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