My Favorite Quotes
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 Rain Bojangles - “Irreverence is highly underrated.”
 Rain Bojangles - “In an expanding universe one must move forward to avoid falling back.”
 Rain Bojangles - “I have been devaluing my time for years based on the theory that one day I won't be able to afford to work.”
 Rain Bojangles - “I'm glad that people who say The world is coming to an end. won't be around to say I told you so if it does.”
 Rain Bojangles - “The path to the truth is found in the spaces between the lies.”
 Rain Bojangles - “The song of the rose is heard with the nose.”
 Rain Bojangles - “Love those who offend, for they reveal you to yourself.”
 Rain Bojangles - “Greed is a deadly disease. Too bad it doesn't kill the greedy first.”
 Rain Bojangles - “A cunning linguist always gets his licks in.”
 Rain Bojangles - “Babies are nature's way of ensuring that men and women will always have something in common.”
 Rain Bojangles - “Xmas is for Xians, as Christmas is for Christians.”
 Rain Bojangles - “The irony of the pot calling the kettle black. Where's the pun in that”
 Rain Bojangles - “Religion is the surrender of truth to the whimsy of belief.”
 Rain Bojangles - “Intentionally using the quotes of others without author attribution is plagiarism and contributes to illiteracy.”
 Rain Bojangles - “Fear is the question. Love is the answer.”
 Rain Bojangles - “My presence of mind is frequently absent.”