My Favorite Quotes
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 John Bolen - “We told Jennifer (that) we knew they were in there. We didn't want to harm them. We asked them to come out peacefully.”
 John Bolen - “Robert Morris might be a struggling team record-wise, but so were we once.”
 John Bolen - “There was a sense of actual relief, in my opinion,”
 Bob Bolen - “The plan is for him to play here next year.”
 John Bolen - “He didn't heed our warnings. We started to force entry and the rear door. At that time, he then came to the door. We asked him to restrain the dogs. The dog was not restrained and when the deputy went hands on to handcuff him, the dog attacked the deputy.”
 Ed Bolen - “We reject user fees. The size and scope and complexity and cost of the air transportation system today is directly dictated by the commercial carriers.”
 Ed Bolen - “User fees are costly and require a large bureaucracy to administer and are an administrative burden to companies. It's of no value.”
 John Bolen - “She was hollering in to him, 'Baby, baby, it'll be OK It'll be OK'”
 Ed Bolen - “There are different airplanes that require different levels of service.”