My Favorite Quotes
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 Grant Boles - “When someone gets killed like they did it makes you think about your safety. There are people out there that don't respect us, that wish to hurt us.”
 Kevin Boles - “Individual donations and grants from charitable organizations helped us and pay for the observatory's operation. They have been the main source of support.”
 Grant Boles - “This is just a reminder of what's out there. It boils down to if the officers use good judgment or not in deciding to shoot or not to shoot.”
 Mike Boles - “She's a special player. She's not one-dimensional. She looks for her teammates. Sometimes it's hard to take all those shots but she has the green light. She's very unselfish.”
 Mike Boles - “It was our defensive intensity. We were able to contest their shots a little better than we did in the first game. We really concentrated on getting out to the shooters. I thought our defensive intensity was probably key. That was a good performance. We're going to try and build on that.”
 John Boles - “He's attached to the strike zone. His stuff stays in the zone. It's fun to watch, because he gets the defense involved. With him, he has deception to his delivery.”
 Kevin Boles - “This is a league where you learn to hit. It helps you from a developmental standpoint to teach guys how to hit and not worry about power numbers. We're not talking about results right now. We're talking about having a good approach at the plate.”
 Mike Boles - “We were extremely young this year, age-wise and varsity experience-wise, so it was a great opportunity to get these kids experience in a pretty good league and in a very tough division. I thought they responded and competed very well. We're really looking forward to next year.”
 Mike Boles - “It's a good opportunity. It's good to have change. We're trying to complete next year's schedule. It's what I'm doing right now. We're trying to upgrade the schedule a little bit.”
 Grant Boles - “When involved in a road rage incident, take a deep breath and ask yourself if the actions are worth your life.”
 Mike Boles - “We expected the game to be physical. More intensity. Redwood wanted to take it from us. They did for a three-minute spurt but we recovered. I'll give Redwood credit, they played hard.”
 Mike Boles - “It was our poorest game, but you've got to give some of the credit to Novato as well. They seemed to have more energy than we did tonight. It's a credit to them.”
 Mike Boles - “I told her as soon as she got on the court that we were going to overwhelm her. She shows leadership on the court with how she plays. She wants everyone to be as committed as she is. She had veteran leadership to show her the ropes (last year). They passed on a lot and hopefully she'll pass that on.”
 Mike Boles - “Britney took over and got us back under control offensively, and she and Courtney are very experienced and mature players who are very unselfish with the ball.”
 John Boles - “It's complicated, because a lot of people from New Orleans had contempt for Houston because it's so modern and spiffy, but the jobs are here.”
 Kevin Boles - “It was a very clean game on our part. It's exciting to be a part of a race like this. The first half our guys were trying to get used to the speed of the league. They've been consistent with their approach all year. They're going to continue to do that. They're really fighting. They want to get this done.”
 Mike Boles - “We did exactly what we wanted in the first half, but they hit their first three shots of the second half, and that seemed to give them confidence.”
 Kevin Boles - “They both play with a lot of energy. They both communicate with each other about where they're going to be on the field at all times.”
 John Boles - “Everybody's success is determined by your starting rotation. If you've got a good rotation and a good closer, you have a chance to be a good club.”
 John Boles - “Pittsburgh just got a lot better. If I were a general manager and I had one choice, it would be Jim Tracy. (The Pirates) made a great hire.”
 Mike Boles - “They came out with tremendous emotion because they were missing one of their top players, and they shot the ball extremely well early. They're the best Division V team in Northern California.”
 John Boles - “I've never had a bad job in baseball. I loved being a rookie-league manager. I loved being a big-league manager. To go and see the best baseball players in the world, it is fun. There is no other way to put it.”