My Favorite Quotes
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 Clint Bolick - “So far, the Republicans see no real downside to picking on the third branch of government. Some of these rulings have inflamed mainstream America, ... So when the G.O.P. elevates this issue, it is seen as a winner.”
 Clint Bolick - “Napolitano decided that her special-interest allies are more important than Arizona schoolchildren.”
 Clint Bolick - “The only possible sanction would be a cutoff of Title 1 funds, and that would be a very significant sanction.”
 Tyler Bolick - “I said that I'd give myself 10 years. This is supposed to be my 10th season.”
 Clint Bolick - “The McKay program operates in almost-identical fashion to the Opportunity Scholarship program, and it's very hard to distinguish the two. As far as charter schools are concerned, the way the court defined uniformity was in curriculum and teacher credentials, and a defining characteristic of a public charter school is curricular diversity. So if the court means what it says, charter schools could be in jeopardy. You can only imagine how unions are salivating over this decision.”
 Clint Bolick - “This is a wonderful day for educational opportunities in Arizona. We hope that this is just the beginning for school-choice legislation this year.”
 Clint Bolick - “The idea of school choice is spreading like wildfire around the country, because it's the one education reform that puts real choices and real opportunities in the hands of families who desperately need them,”
 Clint Bolick - “In 2006, the number of children in targeted school choice programs nationwide will reach six digits for the first time, representing a 40 percent increase in the number of children in targeted school choice programs and an even bigger increase in the amount of public funding.”
 Clint Bolick - “The next step is to recognize that public schools all across urban America are in serious crisis, and we need to enlist every educator who can help the children, in both public and private schools.”
 Clint Bolick - “The new program for children in failing schools will be the largest statewide school choice program in the nation. The creation of that program plus the expansion of two others illustrates that states with the greatest experience with school choice are the most likely to expand it.”
 Clint Bolick - “We ended last year with a major victory and begin this year with a major setback.”
 Tyler Bolick - “I'm afraid this could be make-or-break time. We need to finally make some progress or we could miss the whole season.”