My Favorite Quotes
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 Max Bolin - “At first when I drove, I didn't want anyone else in the car with me. I was terrified that something could happen and someone would get hurt.”
 Jon Bolin - “Last year we were the hunters and other teams were our prey. This year we haven't gotten our hunter instinct back, but I think it's coming.”
 Tommy Bolin - “I'd rather work than not.”
 Tommy Bolin - “I think the way I play the guitar is very percussive. I play a lot of rhythm chops as though I were playing congas or something.”
 Tommy Bolin - “I replaced Walsh, I replaced Blackmore, now I just gotta be me.”
 Jon Bolin - “He wants to be a better pitcher now. Up until this season, he spent a lot of time wanting to hit more and play other positions, but now he's really taking pride in making himself better at his best part of the game.”
 Tommy Bolin - “If you're not having fun it's not worth doing.”
 Max Bolin - “He said there was money out on my head.”
 Nancy Bolin - “It is so much fun and it is such a worthy cause. It is dear to my heart. It is a celebration.”
 Max Bolin - “I'm not some cold-hearted person who doesn't care. I do care. Even though it was an accident, I'm sorry for what happened. I still feel guilt like there was something I could have done.”
 Nancy Bolin - “We talk to people who have had breast cancer to help them go through the process. ... Women lose their hair and we cry with them ... and when they get it back, we laugh. We have a good time. It is a sharing time.”
 Nancy Bolin - “When I had breast cancer, I did not have a support group to go and talk to people who have had breast cancer.”
 Jon Bolin - “We did what we should have done against less than average pitching. Our struggles still continue when we face better than average arms. I didn't really see us make adjustments.”
 Max Bolin - “They had the wrong impression of me. The anger was coming from what they heard.”
 Jon Bolin - “He definitely has the ability to have another season like that. He needs to have to good work ethic and build upon the fact that he's already such a good athlete.”