My Favorite Quotes
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 David Bolland - “Not many guys get 50 goals and 100 points in a season during their OHL careers so it's a big thing. I'm keeping the puck. I'm glad to get it done. It would've been nice if one of us got our 50th at home but a goal's a goal. That's the way you have to look at it.”
 David Bolland - “We've talked about what it is going to be like playing against each other. We're good buddies, and it is going to come down to who wants it more. Coming back and wanting to show the gold medal off is a big incentive to me.”
 David Bolland - “It hurt and I couldn't grip my stick. I played the PP (power play) in the third period (Saturday) and that was it. We'll have to see how it goes here.”
 David Bolland - “The power play and penalty kill have become the biggest parts of the game.”
 David Bolland - “I'm not one to whine about that kind of stuff and I don't think there was anything to it but he better keep his head up next time. Those things come around.”
 David Bolland - “This is the only development I'm aware of in the Sacramento region that utilizes recycled water.”
 David Bolland - “Dylan is always looking for the pass -- he always wants to set up the open man. That's always first in his mind. He wants to move it and set up a scoring opportunity. He works hard in the corners and protects the puck and that's why he racks up all the assists.”
 David Bolland - “They wanted me to go back for more X-rays. I don't think anything's broken but they want to make sure.”
 David Bolland - “It turned the game around. We know that when we make those big hits teams will get a little scared.”
 David Bolland - “I could see them sort of lay back a little bit. They were sort of like, 'Holy ... what's going on here' It's a Canadian game we want to play. We want to make sure everyone knows that we're coming out hitting.”
 David Bolland - “We are not coming in saying we are going to walk all over them. We are going to come in confident that we are going to play our Canadian game. We love to hit, and if anybody gets in our face, we are going to hit them.”
 David Bolland - “It was a phenomenal season, one every player would love to have.”
 David Bolland - “It's going to be awesome. I watched for years, now they'll be watching me instead of watching someone else. It's like a dream, getting a chance to play.”
 David Bolland - “It's always going to be a big game when it's Canada-USA.”
 David Bolland - “We'll let Sweden and Finland battle it out until they go black and blue. It doesn't really matter who we play. If we hadn't (beaten the U.S. Saturday night), it would have been a real battle for us.”