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 Kyle Boller - “I feel pretty good right now,”
 Kyle Boller - “I'm glad we finished strong on that last drive, because the start wasn't very good. It's probably my worst quarter-and-a-half in the NFL.”
 Kyle Boller - “This game is important for us to get back on track. When we've got 11 guys doing the right thing, we're a dang good offense. We just have to eliminate the mistakes.”
 Kyle Boller - “It's really good just to be on the field with him. I grew up watching him.”
 Kyle Boller - “It was fun. That's why you play the game. You're going to take some shots every now and again. If you're going to capitalize on them bringing the house, that's what is going to get teams to stop bringing that much pressure.”
 Kyle Boller - “I felt comfortable out there. The offensive line did a great job, gave me time to throw the ball. The thing is that we've got to stay out of third and longs to give ourselves a chance, ... We have to correct our mistakes and get better.”
 Kyle Boller - “We did a great job on the offensive line. I give myself a B (grade). We just have to do this all the time.”
 Kyle Boller - “Wright finished at quarterback for the Ravens after starter Kyle Boller was sacked by Triplett and left the game with a hyperextended toe late in the third quarter. We did some good things, but we didn't give ourselves a chance because too many times we faced third (down)-and-forever, ... You can't keep getting yourself in those long-yardage situations.”
 Kyle Boller - “Nothing's easy for us. But a great team is a team where when times are tough, they're going to get through it. Our guys did a great job because we had some things go against us and we kept battling.”
 Kyle Boller - “We did some good things, but we didn't give ourselves a chance because too many times we faced third (down)-and-forever. You can't keep getting yourself in those long-yardage situations.”
 Kyle Boller - “Sharpe tongue CBS' Shannon Sharpe on Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick's asinine ... I have a better chance of winning the Kentucky Derby on the back of a donkey than you do of winning the Super Bowl with Boller as your quarterback.”
 Kyle Boller - “He's the guy, ... There's going to be one voice. Everything that he says, it's going to be my job to relay it to the offense and to do.”
 Kyle Boller - “All I can do is go out there and work. It's about being efficient, getting the ball in the end zone, scoring points, not turning the ball over,”
 Kyle Boller - “We were down 34-0, so I had nothing to worry about, ... I got into a rhythm. That is how I need to play all the time, in that state of mind.”
 Kyle Boller - “Once. In three years, once. But I've rocked him a couple times. He'll tell you that.”
 Kyle Boller - “I can kind of go out there and play the game now, vs. over-thinking everything. The first couple years, it is tough to get rhythm, and you are thinking about a lot of different things. Now I have the offense down pat. I understand defenses.”
 Kyle Boller - “Ask yourself the question, if someone booed you when you got hurt, would you feel good about it ... I've been through some tough times. I know there are people that are supporting me and pulling for me. So those people that cheered, they can do that if they want. They have the right to do it. But I've given 110 percent, and I've worked hard, and I'll continue to work hard.”
 Kyle Boller - “As a quarterback, you have to be a leader. People don't know, but there's a lot of different things that can happen. It might look like it's one guy's fault when it's another guy's fault.”
 Kyle Boller - “I'm excited. Brian has been behind me through everything, when a lot of coaches would have given up on me. It's a great move by the organization.”
 Kyle Boller - “Right now, Anthony is going to be the starting quarterback, and it's my job and my responsibility to support him and help him out, ... It's about this team, it's about winning, and anything I can do to help him, I'm going to do. He did it when I was out there. I've got to stay involved, stay into it, stay in the meetings, because I'm going to be back. When I'm ready to go, I don't want to be behind.”
 Kyle Boller - “It's tough, but you know, you've got to turn those boos into cheers. I have another opportunity to use this preseason game to go out there and make our offense be productive. Hopefully when we come back here next week, there will be cheers instead of boos.”
 Kyle Boller - “It's apparent they bring pressure. Just getting the ball out of your hands, you can't afford to take sacks, can't turn the ball over, all things that you're going to lose games if you do that stuff. We've got to make sure on Sunday night that those things don't happen.”
 Kyle Boller - “They brought in some guys who are going to help me out, ... It's going to be my job to get the ball in their hands and let them make plays. Let them be my playmakers.”
 Kyle Boller - “It's daunting. Obviously Elway is the guy I grew up watching, and Johnny Unitas, well, you could say it's a rich tradition. Those are big shoes high tops to fill. But it's a great opportunity. If I can live up to those guys, they'll be a lot of people happy, including myself.”
 Kyle Boller - “It's definitely not a panic mode. It may seem like a panic mode, but it was only our second preseason game. If you start forcing things and pressing and trying too hard, more bad things are going to happen. I'm not going to go out there and be timid and not throw balls because I'm scared to throw interceptions because people will boo me. That's not how I play my game.”

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