My Favorite Quotes
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 Franco Bonacina - “This is a sort of test for ion propulsion. It has the potential to be used for longer missions in the future -- to travel to other planets, for example.”
 Franco Bonacina - “The next opportunity for a solar eclipse is 2081 for this part of the Earth so it's something which is attracting quite a lot of interest,”
 Franco Bonacina - “The physics of our world, and the ways of putting things into space, has not changed, so the machinery looks much the same, even if the content is much, much more sophisticated.”
 Franco Bonacina - “Galileo is made in Europe by Europeans. If the Americans want to scramble GPS, they can do it whenever they want ... whereas our system is a civilian-based system run by a civilian authority and would be completely autonomous.”
 Franco Bonacina - “It shows that things continue to move ahead.”