My Favorite Quotes
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 Karen Bonaudi - “We wanted to see if it generated any interest at all. So the next one is where we will have a real full agenda of different participants in transportation. The people we want to attract are the people interested in hearing from the providers of transportation and the users, and we expect a real interactive give and take session there.”
 Karen Bonaudi - “Every potato that we eat is the product of years of research, and so this one has been in the works for 10 years. We think besides having a taste test, it's a good way to educate people on what it takes to bring a variety to market.”
 Karen Bonaudi - “I think the most important message there is those kind of partnerships work. If this community and this broader community of the central Basin feels that that is what it wants to do to help progress, then that's what will happen. But it will be up to the group.”
 Karen Bonaudi - “Those are the kind of things we need to know, become a part of and experience in Moses Lake. What you will see here today, every voting citizen should know.”