My Favorite Quotes
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 Sandro Bondi - “For the moment, you have won nowhere neither in the House, nor in the Senate.”
 Pam Bondi - “We will be requesting that he remain in jail on no bond because he violated probation.”
 Pam Bondi - “We do it all the time.”
 Pam Bondi - “We are not getting involved at this time. If someone refers us a criminal violation, of course we will review it.”
 Pam Bondi - “If he gets into any kind of trouble while he's in this program, the case against him is opened.”
 Sandro Bondi - “Once again, and just before the elections, certain lawyers are voluntarily giving up the search for truth to pursue political goals.”
 Sandro Bondi - “Yet again some magistrates are maliciously abandoning the search of the truth to pursue political ends on the eve of the elections.”
 Sandro Bondi - “All day long we have called for caution and prudence. We have to wait for real results.”
 Pam Bondi - “We realize that drug addiction is a sickness, but it's also a crime.”
 Sandro Bondi - “We have repeatedly asked the appeals court that the official count of the votes be carried out with full respect for the law, that is with the maximum precision and transparency.”
 Pam Bondi - “We've all agreed that if we can find a residential facility that we approve of, as well as the court, he can be released at some point to that facility to attempt to get some help.”
 Pam Bondi - “This is a person who children and young teens respect and has the potential to make a tremendous difference in kids' lives.”
 Pam Bondi - “I think it's clear that he recognizes he needs help, ... evaluation of an alcohol andor drug problem.”