My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Bonetti - “Ed Olczyk went away (from home). He left at a young age to play junior hockey. I'm not sure I can compare what level Ed Jr. is on. He has done a nice job for me.”
 Paul Bonetti - “Ed does what he is asked to do. Ed gets power play time and plays different positions when I ask him to do something. Tom plays defense on the power play on the point. I treat them like anyone else on the team and they appreciate that. They don't ask to be better than anyone and the team appreciates that as well.”
 Paul Bonetti - “I really think Ed has a good chance to go far. Tom is still young and has a couple of years to develop. I'm sure it will happen for him. I'm behind them 100 percent no matter what they decide to do. It has been a joy having them on the team and the Olczyk family in the program.”
 Paul Bonetti - “I cannot take credit for it. He has a strong desire to play at a higher level. He said to me during a conversation that he will go to the Canadian Junior A level next year. Who knows how far he will go there I don't know for certain.”
 Paul Bonetti - “There are a lot of players that are the sons of NHL stars who don't make it anywhere. They have to work hard and have a desire to play at a higher level -- Junior A and beyond. I'm not sure where this will lead him -- a Division I college. Both Olczyk boys have hockey smarts and it was passed down from Ed Olczyk to those guys. As a coach I cannot teach some guys even though they try and try. Some guys never get it.”
 Paul Bonetti - “I never really asked them. That is a sensitive subject and isn't my business to discuss it with them. They have never discussed it. I have not seen any change in the boys in any shape or form when they come to the team.”
 Paul Bonetti - “We have had a pretty poor season so far. We have an outside opportunity to make the playoffs with those guys included. Last year, we had a nice playoff run. Ed played a big part in that he is very vocal. He is one of my assistant captains and he is a team leader. He wants what is best for the team and doesn't have the attitude where he is better than anyone else.”
 Paul Bonetti - “I will talk to him strategically any time. If he talks to me, I will listen to him when he is available for advice.”