My Favorite Quotes
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 Jerome Bonnafont - “Humanitarian aid (to Palestine) could be maintained and increased via the agencies of the United Nations.”
 Jerome Bonnafont - “At a time when Asia is taking a major role in the world, the president wants more than ever to pursue and intensify the effort, with a view to establishing very dense relations with Asian states.”
 Jerome Bonnafont - “No one is acting in a protectionist manner, France is a completely open country within the laws and rules of Europe.”
 Jerome Bonnafont - “No signing of a defense accord is envisaged. Cooperation is ongoing.”
 Jerome Bonnafont - “Given the developments of the past few days, the president has decided to take direct control of this issue.”
 Jerome Bonnafont - “We hope Iran will be able to understand the message of the international community, and will suspend its enrichment activities and return to the path of respecting its obligations.”
 Jerome Bonnafont - “President Chirac expressed his hope that the international community would show solidarity with Lebanon on the economic and financial levels.”