My Favorite Quotes
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 Jan Bonugli - “It's sad, what's happening along the River Walk. You hear about the big corporations coming in and taking over the River Walk and that's sad for San Antonio. The character of the river is that it's local. It's local people owning and operating local businesses. That's changing. That's not the way it is anymore. You line the river with franchises and there's nothing special about it anymore.”
 Jan Bonugli - “We don't make anything until it's ordered. We chop vegetables and do the prep work in advance and that sort of thing but we don't make the salads or the sandwiches or anything until they're ordered. That way everything's fresh.”
 Jan Bonugli - “Anyone can do what we're doing. The business is really designed for women with children. Your hours are pretty much 830 a.m. to about 3 p.m. so you're able to drop the children off at school in the morning and be through by the time they get out in the afternoon.”
 Jan Bonugli - “That's our only connection with Massimo. He lets us use his kitchen but he doesn't have anything to do with our business.”