My Favorite Quotes
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 Vince Bonvento - “It was better, but it was still a frustrating, time-consuming experience. FEMA is trying to make improvements.”
 Vince Bonvento - “He has no way to contact his parents. Every time he talks to you, he becomes very emotional. He's just totally lost and distraught that he hasn't been able to locate the kids.”
 Vince Bonvento - “What we've told people here is that if they're able to contact their family and need transportation home, be assured the community would provide it. The generosity of the community has just been overwhelming.”
 Vince Bonvento - “I don't believe the answer is having the federal government just come in and take over a local disaster. They don't even know who the players are. They don't know the demographics of the county. I just don't think that would work.”