My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Boockvar - “The decline in oil helped, as well as the hope that maybe the Fed will be finished raising interest rates.”
 Peter Boockvar - “The decline in oil helped (stocks), as well as the hope that maybe the Fed will be finished raising interest rates.”
 Peter Boockvar - “This is before the hurricane and does not influence what the Fed is going to do, and CPI is more relevant to the markets.”
 Peter Boockvar - “The main focus is earnings and where do long-term interest rates go from here.”
 Peter Boockvar - “Investors may not be willing to go way too long on stocks as the new year starts. At the same time, there are so many hedge funds in this market that they may be selling some stocks to cash in gains after November's rally.”
 Pete Boockvar - “There's a lack of desire to do anything. It's not going to be until March that we get a really good idea about what kind of time table were looking at with Iraq.”
 Peter Boockvar - “This weapons thing really turns up the heat.”
 Peter Boockvar - “Geopolitical wise, it's just more of the same. People are resigned to the fact that we're going to war. It's just a matter of under what pretext we do it.”
 Peter Boockvar - “Cash is no longer a four-letter word.”
 Peter Boockvar - “To buy stocks just because it's the end of the year is not a good reason to do it when the fundamentals indicate otherwise. The yield curve is flattening in response to the slowing housing market. The implications can't be ignored. That's why we're trading the way we are.”
 Pete Boockvar - “Look, June and July the market basically crashed. Everything got washed out and everything was going to rally after that. So we're seeing a little bounce here -- people shouldn't get too carried away by it.”
 Peter Boockvar - “It all depends on whether we go down the unilateral path or the multilateral one. If the U.S. goes to war alone, they're going to smash this market. If we get a resolution passed we're going to see a nice rally.”
 Peter Boockvar - “This national manufacturing number will be a key to the market. The economic data that we are going to be seeing now will be a good indicator of what we could be setting ourselves up for the rest of the year.”
 Peter Boockvar - “The jobs number coming in better certainly was a help.”
 Peter Boockvar - “It may just be some pre-Fed asset allocation or positioning. I haven't seen any news to account for this.”
 Peter Boockvar - “The market is more focused on the bigger trends we have seen of late, and that is concerns about inflation, which could make the Fed raise interest rates next week, and concerns about earnings growth for the third quarter.”
 Peter Boockvar - “There's disillusionment with the euro, the yen - and the dollar. Gold is a form of currency that's been around for 5,000 years.”
 Peter Boockvar - “Some company earnings have been good, but we had large retailers in the past couple of days warning about a slowdown in sales. That is enough to get the market a bit concerned with a possible slowdown, ... Add higher interest rates to that mix and what you have is the housing sector and financial stocks suffering.”
 Pete Boockvar - “There was selling for weeks in anticipation of something possibly happening. Just the risk of something happening made people want to lessen their exposure.”