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 Josh Boone - “There's going to be a whole lot of pushing, a whole lot of shoving, but that's the type of game that they like. We do play well in those type of games. We're a running team, but I think we've proven throughout this year that we can be a physical team as well. We're just going to have to prove it even more so.”
 Aaron Boone - “I don't allow myself to think about that, ... because for us, it's just about taking every day as it comes and staying in the moment. You can't make up a four-game lead or an eight-game lead in one night. You can't win next week's games tonight. So that's what this game's really about just staying in the moment.”
 Aaron Boone - “We're losing tough games this week, ... We're not swinging the bats. We're a little frustrated.”
 Aaron Boone - “There are guys with a knack for winning games and Cliff is one of them. It's very underrated.”
 Aaron Boone - “When we came in here after the game, there were smiles on our faces, This was one of the best games I've ever played in.”
 Aaron Boone - “It was a good shoulder-to-shoulder. He's a little bigger than me, and it was a clean hit.”
 Aaron Boone - “We hope we're better. The reality is we had a pretty darn good team last year. But you can't just throw your gloves out there and be good again. We want to take that next step as a team.”
 Aaron Boone - “Were ready to go. Hopefully, that translates into a good start. I dont know, its a question we get asked a lot.”
 Aaron Boone - “I'm actually pretty good friends with him. I didn't really think much of that last year, or much of this. It's in the game, and that's what happens.”
 Aaron Boone - “It's a new season and I definitely feel good about it. I'm confident, and I feel good about the season.”
 Aaron Boone - “It's frustrating, no question about it. As good as our pitchers did to not be able to cash in is frustrating.”
 Michael Boone - “They had to get somebody. No disrespect to the sergeant because I think he did a lot of good, but the case was circumstantial.”
 Aaron Boone - “Everyone had a hand in tonight's win and hopefully it will get us going a little bit.”
 Aaron Boone - “Underrated by who I think he's an underrated player, period. I've just enjoyed playing with him and getting to see first hand how good he is.”
 Pete Boone - “You have to look at the whole season, if not a couple of seasons, and see what history is there.”
 Dan Boone - “History teacher Mrs. (Eleanor) Glass inspired her to look beyond Michigan.”
 Josh Boone - “It was just a matter of being ready to play. It's a matter of being ready as soon as they throw the ball up, not waiting 10 minutes. ... I hope we look at this and realize we can't ever do this again. Because if so, that's going to be the last game for a bunch of us. This is that final wake-up call.”
 Bob Boone - “His agent said he could get him a job next year. I hope he's right.”
 Bret Boone - “I'm getting a little of the hunger to play ball back,”
 Josh Boone - “I have no idea what I'm doing next year. I'm not worried about that right now.”
 Aaron Boone - “We know that we can get by with a big inning, but we need to continue to improve overall and we should be all right.”
 Aaron Boone - “Third baseman Aaron Boone sees the focus the Indians have exhibited this season. I think we've taken the next step, ... One of our strengths is, we're really good at turning the page each day and coming to play.”
 Aaron Boone - “If I do what I expect I'll do and Andy does what he's expected to do, there will be a place for both of us. If you have a young, talented kid who is ready at a certain point, it gives them (Indians officials) some options.”
 Jeff Boone - “Any type of information can help. We can't let this go without justice.”
 Bob Boone - “We received information within the last two weeks that there was a stolen tractor in the back yard and we were able to do quick surveillance to find that there was another vehicle being chopped or disassembled in the back.”

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