My Favorite Quotes
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 Donald Bordelon - “If you keep your thumb over the opening so that just a little trickles out, you can take a shower with three 12-ounce bottles. But it takes six bottles if you want to wash your hair.”
 Kyle Bordelon - “We can develop all the schedules we want, but until the funding is there for planned replacement, our time is wasted. You have to spend money to save money.”
 Donald Bordelon - “This is my home, pure and simple. I know that doesn't mean much to some people who pick up and move every few years, but it means everything to me.”
 Kyle Bordelon - “The Orkin people did an inspection and didn't find any fleas.”
 Donald Bordelon - “He said it's a total loss, but that's a load of bull. We just need to strip the walls to the studs, pressure wash everything and then get out the bleach. A little bleach will clean anything.”
 Kyle Bordelon - “We, by law, cannot continuously apply pesticides to the same places.”
 Kyle Bordelon - “On Monday morning, one or two teachers in the portable came in and they noticed fleas jumping up off the carpet as they walked in. They were on the outside (mats) as they walked into the door.”