My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Borelli - “I don't want to see resources distracted for something seen as your hobby.”
 Tom Borelli - “Mr. Paulson seems to have gotten the message that shareholder assets ought not to be used for his environmental interests that he has previously acknowledged to be purely personal. But we still want to know what happened on the Chilean land deal.”
 Dave Borelli - “I thought it was a good match. We played well and it is good preparation for our conference matches coming up. It is always nice to win the last one for the seniors.”
 Stephen Borelli - “He really was a major contributor to the American sports scene and to the changing times in sports history -- Mel Allen left his mark,”
 Stephen Borelli - “Not only did Mel get to broadcast a great team, he also got to do the World Series every year. He did 20 World Series in his broadcasting career, ... Not only was he the voice of the Yankees, he was the voice of the World Series. Every fall, fans could set their clock by the voice of Mel Allen.”
 Dave Borelli - “I think that we did a good job today to get back on track. It has been a difficult week. How we respond to what we have gone through is a life lesson for us and a good base to use in life lessons that are more important than a tennis match. To turn things around and make things better the rest of the season is a life lesson that they can store away and fall back on and use when things are difficult. I thought the way they approached today and how they played was a great way to respond to my challenge.”
 Dave Borelli - “I thought it was great that we got a chance to play today. It was good to get that last bit of work in before we head to conference.”
 Tom Borelli - “We plan to keep contacting folks in the SRI industry until we find someone who is willing to take a stand against violent hate speech.”
 Tom Borelli - “Principles of transparency and accountability should apply to corporate charitable contributions. Such disclosure is consistent with public policy in regard to disclosure by publicly-owned companies.”
 Stephen Borelli - “Mel was a classic storyteller and fans just loved his stories about the Yankees. Mel made players like Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra and those great Yankee teams seem larger than life. He became just as famous in New York as any player, ... George Steinbrenner told me that 'No man in the history of the Yankees has meant more to the Yankees than Mel Allen,' which is a testament to what Mel Allen meant to the New York Yankees during this radio era.”
 Dave Borelli - “There was an opportunity to change things up a bit and get some new chemistry going. It was really great the way that we played. A couple of teams had never played and I felt we had to do something different.”
 Tom Borelli - “We have asked the conference adviser, the Brooklyn BridgeTBLI Group, and conference sponsors and participants to take a stand against Mr. Keiser's violent hate speech but to no avail.”
 Dave Borelli - “I am really pleased with the focus the kids are showing in these matches. Ever since spring break, I have just sensed a different team. I feel that they really want to prove themselves and their confidence and attitude is really at a high.”