My Favorite Quotes
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 Lars Leijonborg - “It's a shame. The serious criminals will get another year's head start.”
 Anita Borg - “I want all of these folks connected. We're all doing too much reinventing of the wheel, ... The Internet enables us to share the ideas we have without having to create another hierarchy. We hope that these two projects will come together and create a structure of continued involvement.”
 Thomas Fuxborg - “It's impossible - then he would have been dead when they found him. According to Experts we've consulted a person could only survive 14 hours in those conditions. So we still don't know when he began his journey.”
 Charles Kankelborg - “What's new about MOSES is combining images with spectral information. Many previous instruments have done one or the other, but not both simultaneously.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “To have dominion by religion, is to have dominion over men's souls, thus over their very spiritual life, and to use the Divine things, which are in their religion, as the means.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “There are angels that receive more interiorly the Divine that goes forth from the Lord, and others that receive it less interiorly the former are called celestial angels, and the latter spiritual angels.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “The human race is the seminary of heaven, will appear from a subsequent article, in which it will be shown, that Heaven and Hell are from the human race, and that therefore the human race is the seminary of heaven.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “The human race is the basis on which heaven is founded.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “The human race is the basis on which heaven is founded, is because man was last created, and that which is last created is the basis of all that precedes.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “The angels taken collectively are called heaven, for they constitute heaven and yet that which makes heaven in general and in particular is the Divine that goes forth from the Lord and flows into the angels and is received by them.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “The act of exploring what the men are, and moreover the separation of the good from the evil, is visitation and the good are then removed, and the evil are left behind.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “I have often talked with angels on this subject, and they have invariably declared that in heaven they are unable to divide the Divine into three, because they know and perceive that the Divine is One and this One is in the Lord.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “First of all it must be known who the God of heaven is, since upon that all the other things depend.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “Destruction was effected after visitation, for visitation always precedes.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “But by all this I am not deterred, for I have seen, I have heard, I have felt.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “He who is in evil, is also in the punishment of evil.”
 Emanuel Swedenborg - “Love consists in desiring to give what is our own to another and feeling his delight as our own.”
 Björn Borg - “My greatest point is my persistence. I never give up in a match. However down I am, I fight until the last ball. My list of matches shows that I have turned a great many so-called irretrievable defeats into victories.”
 Björn Borg - “It's not easy to part with the trophies. However, I do need to have some long-term financial security for those close to me.”
 Björn Borg - “You have to find it. No one else can find it for you.”
 Bjorn Lomborg - “We're talking about probably five to eight trillion dollars on the total cost of global warming, and we'd much rather not have that.”
 Bjorn Lomborg - “There are so many other things we can do that will do so much more good, that will help people in need now, much better and much more efficiently.”
 Bjorn Lomborg - “The Kyoto treaty has an estimated cost of between US150 and 350 billion a year, starting in 2010.”
 Bjorn Lomborg - “So it's mainly a question of helping the Third World overcome the effects of global warming.”
 Bjorn Lomborg - “It seems incontrovertible to me that there is a global warming effect and that it is going to be serious, probably not in the amount of, say, six degrees warming, but it's likely that we'll get two to three degrees warming and that will be serious enough.”

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