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 Marcelo Borges - “The Nasdaq weighed heavily on the index at the end of the day. It took away from gains made by shifts in portfolios at the beginning of the day.”
 Al Borges - “The nice thing about Auburn is you can replace good players with good players. We were lucky enough to do that.”
 Al Borges - “It was a pretty good day for the first day back. Our throw and catch was not too bad for not throwing for a while. We made some really good plays. It usually takes you three or four days to get your rhythm back.”
 Al Borges - “I'm out of my head about this. I cannot believe we got all these guys. We got basically everybody we wanted. We got some really great players. This is going to be fun.”
 Jorge Borges - “One concept corrupts and confuses the others. I am not speaking of the Evil whose limited sphere is ethics I am speaking of the infinite.”
 Al Borges - “We lacked rhythm. We dropped the ball or we made a bad throw or we had a protection breakdown seemed it was something different every time.”
 Al Borges - “It's not like we just stop. Now it's time to get the guys for 2007.”
 Al Borges - “We lacked rhythm. We dropped the ball or we made a bad throw or we had a protection breakdown seemed it was something different every time.”
 Al Borges - “It doesn't put you so far out of position you can't catch up. I think come spring time, he'll get a shot to show what he's got.”
 Al Borges - “We weren't too good today. We started out good, but we lost some momentum in there and had a heck of a time getting in synch.”
 Al Borges - “We've got good enough talent that we should have represented ourselves better than that. We've had a pretty good spring - we've been playing better than that - but today we weren't very good.”
 Al Borges - “This was a little more of a mix with run and pass. We were rough around the edges, but I think it was productive. At least we got some passes thrown today. I was kind of fired up about that.”
 Al Borges - “It was just a rough way to finish (the season). We just were so poor today. That was awful. We haven't played like that all year. We never got into a rhythm. So much about offensive football is about being in sync, putting successful plays back to back to back, and we just never did it.”
 Al Borges - “We rushed the ball better this year than last year when we had two top five (NFL) picks. Why Partly because the guy we replaced them with is pretty good. But they also understand the system better now.”
 Al Borges - “He did a wonderful job considering he found out less than an hour before the game. We tried to keep it as low maintenance as we could.”
 Lisa Borges - “The beginning of each of these cases is generally a child's word.”
 Lisa Borges - “We do look for first words that are credible and then we look for circumstantial evidence physical evidence, forensic evidence that supports the child's word so that it's not just the child standing alone.”
 Mark Borges - “There really haven't been to my knowledge a whole lot of cases that have been predicated on excessive-comp issues. But just the fact that there are a handful I think is telling, because five or ten years ago, you didn't see them at all.”
 Mark Borges - “To many people, that's what the true compensation is and what the executives get taxed on. Not until the stock vests can individuals put it in their pockets, and now investors are going to be able to see what it's worth.”
 Al Borges - “The kid at times showed flashes of brilliance. He stood in there and threw some passes, put them on a dime with people in his face. Once he goes through those experiences, I think that guy could be a really, really good quarterback.”
 Julio Borges - “Mxico is one of the countries with the largest number of investments in Venezuela, which generate 15,000 jobs for Venezuelans. I am sure that this figure may increase if a favorable climate is sought.”
 Mark Borges - “It's a clever way to try to get around the problem of giving investors information about individuals whose pay they wouldn't otherwise know about, without expanding the number to an unmanageable extent.”
 Al Borges - “He still needs some refinement in his blocking, but he's every bit of the receiver we thought he'd be. That jumps out at you. He's easy to notice because he has that kind of capability.”
 Al Borges - “We were up 14-0. (We wanted to) see if we can't maul them a little bit, find out who our running backs are, maybe narrow it down. We didn't accomplish it and that is the disappointing thing.”
 Al Borges - “He was going along pretty good there. I was hoping that we would continue with him this last week, but I don't think he'll miss a beat, as long as he feels good, and it seems like he does.”

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