My Favorite Quotes
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 George Borjas - “Low-skill ... illegal immigration has the biggest negative impact on the wage of low-skill workers.”
 George Borjas - “Native workers are not stupid, they move to where there are higher wages and fewer immigrants.”
 George Borjas - “Employer sanctions can be a very efficient tool if enforced. The problem is the way the law reads, it's basically a joke. It basically gives employers a huge loophole to walk through.”
 George Borjas - “What immigration really does is redistribute wealth away from workers toward employers.”
 George Borjas - “There's a huge redistribution away from workers to people who use immigrants. ... That's what people are arguing about.”
 George Borjas - “I strongly disagree with anyone who (takes) these numbers and says we should build a wall or not build a wall. I think the kind of immigration that hurts poor people the most is clearly not in the country's interest. We should have an immigration (policy) that attempts to equalize the wage gap, not make it worse.”
 George Borjas - “Why would employers care if immigration didn't affect wages”
 George Borjas - “We know that the net benefit of immigration is very small.”