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 Mike Borkowski - “This just isn't where we want to be. The car hasn't reacted to what we have been doing to it set-up wise like we want, so it's been pretty frustrating. This track is fairly difficult to pass on, so we were obviously hoping we could have been further up the field, but we'll just have to try some new things for the race and keep working at it.”
 Mike Borkowski - “I don't know what he was thinking-he is normally a very clean racer but I think he just made a mistake. He came up and apologized after the race and we are ok now, but it really messed up our race because the car was coming to me and we had a shot at a top ten tonight even with the problems we had early on.”
 Shek Borkowski - “The payoff is to make the national team. The pay is very good there, as well as in the reserve pool. So the reason these players come here is so they can train under high quality coaches and hopefully get a shot with their national teams.”
 Shek Borkowski - “Well, that is pretty subjective. It's not like they have seen us play or anything. The ranking is based on last year's championships in the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) and the Women's Open Cup.”
 Mike Borkowski - “It's a great track and it's going to be an amazing facility. I think it's going to make for some of the best racing we ever see. It's pretty wide and very smooth, and there are lots of places to pass. There are probably 10 good passing spots on this track. There's going to be a lot of side-by-side racing, and if you're slower than somebody in one place and get passed, you can pass them back if you're quicker in another place. You can get lost here more than at other tracks. It's definitely a fun race track.”
 Shek Borkowski - “His wife works at Goshen College. Here is a guy who has trained national track athletes in Bulgaria and he kind of fell right into our lap.”
 Shek Borkowski - “It's a great league for college players, or maybe someone in their early 20s, who wants to play at the higher levels. But there is no money in it for anyone. Everyone does it because they love the game.”
 Shek Borkowski - “Of course, we can't pay the college players. And there isn't any money to pay the others. So one of our sponsors is Ramada Inn, and they have given us five rooms so that takes care of 10 women. The others live with families during the season. Some of them who are able to work here get jobs, but we practice twice a day and because of how spread out the league is, there is a lot of travel as well.”
 Mike Borkowski - “We left the test with a car that was really race-able and very quick, and hopefully we can keep improving right up until the race starts. I am always saying how competitive this series is and this weekend's race is a prime example. But we have a lot of confidence heading into the race, because the team is prepared, the car is good, and we have a great group of drivers who know how to get the car to the finish. We definitely have a car that's capable of winning this race.”
 Mike Borkowski - “It's always a hard when you are in the lead and something goes wrong like we had happen in Daytona. But we know we have a fast car and a great team behind us, so hopefully we can score some points with a really good finish here this weekend. It is a long season ahead of us and we know we have a lot of racing to do, but we'd like to get back into the battle points-wise starting with this weekend.”