My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Colborn - “I'm more worried about location. He doesn't have to strike out 225 guys in a season to win 20 games.”
 Craig Kilborn - “It's not a big part, ... I wheel in an ultrasound machine and say to Taylor's gynecologist, 'If you have a problem with it, just give it a light tap on the side.' Then they hand me a urine sample, and I put it up to the light and say 'Hmm, looks pretty healthy, but I'll check.'”
 Richard Caborn - “Whatever the surplus the clubs will save as a consequence of a salary cap, what better way to use the extra money than to give some of it back to their fans.”
 Shane Osborn - “It's good to be back in the United States,”
 Jim Colborn - “He looked really good. I was quite surprised that he looked so good. It was a really nice delivery.”
 Jim Colborn - “These Pirates ... They're a great team waiting to happen. I honestly feel as though I have this grave responsibility to shape this young staff into what it could become -- and what it could become is frighteningly good.”
 Craig Kilborn - “George W. Bush even stopped in Pennsylvania to try his hand at the lotto and gave up when he could only think of the numbers 4 and 17”
 Dave Osborn - “It was a heck of an honor to be there as much as we were. How many guys can say they played in three Super Bowls”
 Rex Osborn - “This is a professional patient who understood the system well enough to get admitted to a hospital and the illness well enough to emulate the symptoms.”
 Royce Osborn - “Heading back to the hotel, this was the lowest point,”
 Sim Osborn - “I had these toys in my house, I've thrown them out, and told everyone I know.”
 Royce Osborn - “Many people there had lost everything, their house, loved ones and all they had left, all they had left was their best friend, ... The idea that people had to leave them behind was unthinkable and inhumane.”
 John Osborn - “You'll see humor, but it will be universal.”
 David Sanborn - “But certainly the idea of making records that had a mainstream appeal instrumentally was nothing that we invented.”
 David Sanborn - “Somebody like George Coleman has an approach and a pedagogical approach to teaching and can really kind of lay it out with exercises and demonstrations and different things that will improve your playing.”
 David Dearborn - “Gov. Rell feels Len Boyle is doing a superb job as commissioner. The governor understands and shares many of the budget frustrations - but at her initiative, the state police will finally have a full complement of 1,248 troopers in 2006.”
 David Sanborn - “I'm somebody that pretty much operates by instinct, and I kind of have to follow my instincts.”
 David Sanborn - “Well, I guess my unease with that is... I'm always a little uneasy with that phrase - smooth jazz, as opposed to what”
 David Sanborn - “Its all about finding the right note at the right place and knowing when to leave well enough alone. And that's a lifelong quest.”
 David Sanborn - “You're only as good as your last record.”
 Craig Kilborn - “John Kerry was officially endorsed by Dick Gephardt, and Kerry said, 'What did I ever do to you'”
 Craig Kilborn - “George W. Bush even stopped in Pennsylvania to try his hand at the lotto and gave up when he could only think of the numbers 4 and 17.”
 Craig Kilborn - “John Kerry will be the Democratic nominee for president. Democrats finally found someone who is Al Gore without the flash and the sizzle.”
 Craig Kilborn - “New rumors that Saddam Hussein is planning to flee to a castle in Libya with 10 billion dollars. Now President Bush doesn't know whether to nuke him or give him a tax cut.”
 Craig Kilborn - “Did you see the statue topple Bill Clinton got nostalgic seeing something that big in a beret go down.”

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