My Favorite Quotes
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 Daniel Borochoff - “Americans have a fixed budget for giving, and if they give to this, it's not available to give to some other charity. If this group wants to tell people that they're not going to get 90 percent of what the fundraiser takes in, if they want to be up front with people, then I have no problem with it.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “It's strange that the former first lady would want to do this. If her son's having a rough time of it, couldn't she write him a check Maybe she isn't aware that people could frown upon this.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “If it's worth that much, why aren't they getting the value”
 Daniel Borochoff - “It is the only category of giving that has experienced a decline in each of the last three years.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “The Red Cross is a brand name, and people automatically pick it for donations. But there are a lot of local groups who could use assistance and reimbursement, and the Red Cross isn't willing to do that.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “It's hard to get donors to think about other important causes. It's a shame for the people in Niger and Mali and people in everyone's hometown that are in need. ... They'll have to suffer also because of Katrina.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “In the past three years there's been a decline in giving to human service-type organizations. People need to step up to the plate and give extra.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “The Number 1 reason Americans give is because they're asked.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “People make the assumption that wristbands are associated with a charity, but that isn't always the case.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “It's really a way to disguise your fund-raising.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “I would think if she wants to do something beneficial for Katrina victims, she shouldn't be making the decision that the vendor is her son.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “It's certainly not right to be taking credit for something that the government is already doing. It is very serious for a charity to give the impression that it is doing what the government is doing.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “There is a lot more needed to get these people back up on their feet. We had concern with charities overdoing it in 911.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “This storm involved the largest relocation of people since the Civil War, it's of historic proportions, so people want to do something about it. Americans do feel very connected to a wide scale disaster like this and they're inspired to do something.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “Unfortunately, the criminal element will target nonprofit organizations, even outside of natural disasters, knowing they don't have the same level of safeguards and internal controls that a business would have.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “Americans are stuck at giving 2 percent of their income to charity. What that means is that it's a fixed pie. ... Unless people change their behavior, a lot of giving will be taken away from other groups.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “The beauty of the nonprofit sector is its diversity. Americans need to figure out that they should use the Red Cross, but don't use the whole wad. Save it for some other groups.”
 Daniel Borochoff - “When there are people suffering and people in need right now, it's a harder argument to give money to a memorial, to a capital campaign, or an endowment.”