My Favorite Quotes
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 Andy Borowitz - “I feel like Cal Ripken or something, ... This insanity is all self-imposed.”
 Andy Borowitz - “I wanted to get away from big, expensive network projects, ... so I moved to New York and I did nothing. And then I discovered the Internet. I didn't think of it as a moneymaker -- I wrote stuff I thought my friends would find funny.”
 Andy Borowitz - “I am resigning effective immediately. Bo Derek will become the new vice president.”
 Andy Borowitz - “After Sept. 11, I didn't write a piece for a couple of days because I thought people wouldn't want me to be funny. This time, it was so obvious what could be written, and I'll continue to write it. I can usually gauge reader response from the number of people who cancel on my e-mail list, and there's been no major withdrawal.”
 Andy Borowitz - “At the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that the decision to pay recruits in gasoline, while unorthodox, was a 'slam-dunk solution' to the Army's nagging shortfalls in enlistment.”
 Andy Borowitz - “I think the reason that satire is on the rise is because the real news is so bad right now, ... I'd love it if we lived in a world where there was nothing to satire, but given this world, people need satire and comedy right now. ... Humor enables us to look at the horrible things going on and survive them.”
 Andy Borowitz - “Get over yourselves with the coffee. You know, we all have it. It's like being famous for mustard or gum.”
 Andy Borowitz - “Army Offers to Pay Recruits in Gasoline.”
 Eugene B. Borowitz - “The peculiar malaise of our day is air-conditioned unhappiness, the staleness and stuffiness of machine-made routine.”