My Favorite Quotes
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 Gabe Borquez - “Yeah, it's a dry, raw recording. That's what we want people to hear a rugged--not a polished--album. So much of today's hard core is nothing but trigger drums and Marshall amps. Most bands can't pull off their sound live, so why use that stuff”
 Gabe Borquez - “We're more of a raw live band, and we wanted to capture that.”
 Gabe Borquez - “It's a lot more warm and live sounding. It doesn't sound crystal-clear, picture-perfect. That's what we tried to avoid, so I'm glad we recorded the way we did. It feels better to us that we didn't have to use a computer to record our songs to get them perfect.”
 Gabe Borquez - “We just wanted to play music and have fun with it. We wrote the best songs we could, we got label attention and we had a bidding war. Finally we decided on a label mid this year. We signed with a label called Equal Vision, and they've been nothing but amazing to us.”