My Favorite Quotes
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 Josep Borrell - “Many European issues await urgent decisions. I am convinced that the next (German) government will throw its full weight so as to contribute to their progress,”
 Josep Borrell - “This rejection was predicted. The directive was heated up again after we already said no to it once. The parliament did the right thing in voting 'no' a second time. It was not prepared to look ridiculous.”
 Josep Borrell - “The European Union upholds the values on which it was founded. Freedom of expression is one of those values, but this must be within the boundaries of respect for the religious beliefs and cultural sensitivities of others.”
 Josep Borrell - “Everyone is surprised such a thing happened, but it did, ... It's difficult to pay just memory to it. It is a battle against the weakness of memory, something which should never happen again.”
 Josep Borrell - “We are impressed by his courage.”
 Josep Borrell - “Europe needs the constitution,”
 Josep Borrell - “Our negotiating team has reached an agreement.”
 Josep Borrell - “It is important that the two big German parties have reached agreement on the formation of a future government. I need to congratulate Mrs. Merkel, who, moreover, will be the first female chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany ,”