My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Borseth - “We seemed to be cruising along there pretty well until the Milwaukee game at home got away from us. Then we turned around and played a great end of the year. When you look at the end result winning 23 games that's a pretty good year, all things considered.”
 Kevin Borseth - “We're not playing Milwaukee in our next game. We're playing (UIC), and we need to focus on taking this thing one game at a time, because if we don't, we're going to fall flat on our face.”
 Kevin Borseth - “I think it was a really demoralizing week and humbling week for us considering that we're used to being in the (NCAA) tournament. The kids absolutely gave 110 percent all year. I feel that at times, I might not have worked hard enough to put them in a position to succeed at the level we're used to.”
 Kevin Borseth - “When they had a week a year ago to prepare for us, they beat us. They have a week again this time. I'm sure they've ripped that (game) tape down a million times.”
 Kevin Borseth - “We don't go to Florida looking for Florida kids. That's pretty much a waste of time. It's too far. For what reason are you going to come to play at Green Bay unless we're winning national championships.”
 Kevin Borseth - “That drives me up a wall. We made some errors with the lead when we had the opportunity to put even more points on the board. But, luckily, our defense came through and held them off.”
 Kevin Borseth - “We got really good looks and our rhythm was better. It was a good shooting night for us, but we needed it.”
 Kevin Borseth - “We had the game won the bottom line is we had the game won and they made a couple of shots and couple of free throws they needed to make.”
 Kevin Borseth - “They had to play well to beat us. That was the position we wanted to put them in, and they played well and made the shots they had to make.”
 Kevin Borseth - “It's pretty exciting to get the chance to finish the season on a winning note. And we have a chance, so that's a plus. We didn't play our best against Illinois-Chicago (in the Horizon League tournament), and this gives us a chance to redeem ourselves.”
 Kevin Borseth - “We got slapped in the face four or five times. That makes it a little tough to play, too. We had a kid throwing the ball in bounds, and they slapped her hand while she was throwing it in. They were very physical, and we couldn't get into anything.”
 Kevin Borseth - “I don't know if we've done what we hoped this year, but I know that our players have played extremely hard all year. They never left anything on the court, and I know they won't in this game.”
 Kevin Borseth - “We played with a great deal of energy, and we knew we'd have to because Loyola does that every time they come on the court. I thought we played pretty well because of it.”
 Kevin Borseth - “That's probably the worst we've taken care of the ball in a couple of years. I was pretty disappointed in that. It's a good thing we turned them over equally.”
 Kevin Borseth - “She's a bugger. She means business when she steps on the floor. If she makes a mistake, she knows it, I just remind her a bit when she does. I think her strong point is defensively she can get the rebounds and she shoots well.”