My Favorite Quotes
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 Vern Borth - “I guess I kind of expected that would be the result. There's a history in Wisconsin Rapids of electing these positions and that's apparently the way they are going to stay, which is fine by me.”
 Vern Borth - “A lot of people are concerned about all four (issues). But you have different factions concerned about a particular item of the four.”
 Vern Borth - “We started the (scholarship the) first year and just kicked in some money of our own. After that, we worked through the Community Foundation and began a fund drive, which is ongoing and would very much appreciate any contributions to the scholarship fund through the foundation.”
 Vern Borth - “I think it's a legitimate concern (to elect someone who may not be qualified). At least when I was first elected, there were some things from an accounting standpoint that I needed to take some classes on after being elected.”