My Favorite Quotes
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 Corey Bosarge - “This is our year. We're going to do something ... to put another positive in our side against them. We might. Any given team can beat anybody any given day, but I feel very confident that we'll give them a match. Even if we don't win, they'll know we were there.”
 Corey Bosarge - “It's been imbedded into them for years that the biggest game of the season is GA and Brunswick High. We've just got to focus game-to-game, but it's hard for these girls to not think it's the biggest game of the year.”
 Corey Bosarge - “We play teams that we won't usually play. And, the level of play really benefits our program.”
 Corey Bosarge - “We changed our system. We're going to more of a defensive middle attack.”