My Favorite Quotes
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 Wolfgang Bosbach - “It damages our image in the entire world and we should no longer allow this,”
 Wolfgang Bosbach - “There is no one in the conservative ranks who has any doubts about Merkel becoming chancellor,”
 Wolfgang Bosbach - “Angela Merkel is not to be envied at this time. It was one of the key ideas of the potential partners that the three party chairs would sit together at the Cabinet table.”
 Wolfgang Bosbach - “Politicians would be well advised to restrain themselves. This is an issue for the Deutsche Bank, the supervisory board and its chairman.”
 Wolfgang Bosbach - “We must change the constitution ... to allow us to deploy the armed forces, with their special capabilities, internally for combating terrorism.”
 Wolfgang Bosbach - “If the SPD would only finally accept Merkel as chancellor we could have a coalition agreement by late October, ... We've got to respect the will of the voters.”